about us.

ProdNXT Technologies Private Limited is a start-up company, registered on 1st January, 2016 with ProdNXT as the official brand. The motive of the company is to use the best minds around to bring in innovation, design the best products after extensive market surveys and feedback collection, and ensure that the common people get to experience the latest technologies with no compromises made in quality and performance.

The main cause which has brought the team behind ProdNXT together is something we feel every youngster should be concerned about – A Greener Planet Earth. In times of great crises affecting daily life needs such as pure water, unpolluted air, and accessible energy, we, the team behind ProdNXT take it as a responsibility to step forward. Our aim is to look in every nook and corner of the consumer product field, design innovative energy-saving products for the common man, and to help turn the planet Greener.

Our Vision

Become the pioneers in offering affordable, innovatively designed, and value-driven consumer products for the common people, with a signature stamp of eco-friendliness in every effort.

Our Mission

Delivering cost-effective, quality daily-life consumer products for a common people, thereby helping them experience the latest technology through our continuous innovation.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity – We believe in the inherent goodness of mankind and want to get in the business for a greater purpose.

Commitment to Innovation – We want to be different and progress in another dimension. We believe that increased worthiness can be brought about only through innovation.

Energy Saving and Green Planet – Wherever and whenever possible, we will try to do our bit in conserving natural resources and preserve our planet.