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Manufactured and sold by
ProdNXT Technologies Private Limited

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key features
  • Guarantees 15-50% energy savings for peripheral devices used with computer/television.
  • Intelligently handles connected devices.
  • Guarantees a cut on your power bills.
  • One-year replacement warranty.
  • Protect devices from voltage surges.
  • Earthing protection and blown fuse indicators.
  • Can be used with a computer, or a USB-supported TV.
  • Hot plug facility.
  • Increase life span of peripheral devices.
  • Supports USB charging and USB data transfer.
  • Normal and Save modes of operation.
  • Individual switch and indicators for each socket.
  • Indicators for power and function modes.
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product information technical details

Brand ProdNXT
Color Black
Item Height 4.5 Centimetres
Item Width 8 Centimetres
Item Length 27.5 Centimetres
Product Dimensions 27.5 x 8 x 4.5 cm
Item Weight 600 grams
Whats in the box IMPULSE- Intelligent Energy Saver device with 2 meters 3 PIN power cord,
USB-Motherboard power LED Type-B cable
USB-USB Type-A male cable
User Manual and FAQ
Warranty One-year replacement warranty


Download User Manual for more information    Download Frequently Asked Question

product description

Impulse is essentially an energy-saving power strip device, which can be used in conjunction with a computer or a USB-enabled TV. Impulse works best in an environment when there are peripheral devices which are used in tandem with the computer / TV, where it acts as an intelligent control device which detects the state of the computer/ TV. It will cut off the power supply to the peripheral device (Printer, scanner, speaker, amplifiers, monitor etc.) when the computer/Television is in a shutdown, sleep, hibernate, standby and similarly, switch ON the peripheral devices on detecting that the computer system/TV has been turned ON and is not in any power saving mode.

why impulse?

Impulse is all about saving energy – power, an answer to the looming power crisis the nation is facing. Features will attract more

Intelligent Energy Saving: The main aspect of this invention is to automatically turn on or off peripheral devices associated with a computer when the computer is turned on or off. Using IMPULSE, you can save 15% to 50% of electricity bill for computer and USB enabled television.
Great Energy and life saver: It will help extend the life of peripheral devices. Less power consumption more energy saving, hence you save money for you, energy for the nation, and reduce carbon emission to save earth.

It acts dual; you can use it as an intelligent energy saver and at the same time as a normal surge protection power strip

Hot Plug feature: The power strip also contains a hot socket which can be converted into an isolated power socket and not be controlled by the computer system as a peripheral device. Thus, the hot socket provides a convenient power outlet for plugging in the computer system itself.

USB hub and USB chargers: Many peripheral devices are now designed such that they can be connected to a computer/television through the USB port. The USB port provides for a simplified and uniform method of connecting various devices to a computer. Providing USB hub for connecting various USB based peripheral devices to the power strip itself enabling data transmission between the computer and device. The user can utilize this USB hub to connect their flash drives, external hard drives, printers or any device which require data to be transferred between the computer and the device to the USB hub on the power strip itself. Alternatively, USB ports act as power source for USB devices.

Another major highlight of this product is that it ensures all kind of safety and protection that is demanded by an electrical device user. It guarantees Surge protection, Earth protection, Fuse protection, Short Circuit protection, overload protection and overall safety of the equipment.