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IMPULSE is our debut foray into the consumer market and it's what we are sure would bring in the change we aim for. Impulse is many things rolled into one, but if you want to define it shortly, it’s essentially an intelligent electrical Spike Guard.

IMPULSE – Intelligent Energy Saver

Impulse is essentially a simple, energy-saving Spike Guard device which can be used in conjunction with a computer or a USB-enabled TV or other devices. Impulse works best in an environment when there are peripheral devices which are used in tandem with the computer / TV, where it acts as an intelligent control device which detects the state of the computer/ TV. When programmed, it then proceeds to act as a power control unit to cut off the power supply to the peripheral devices (printer, scanner, speaker, amplifiers, monitor etc.) when the computer is in a passive state (shutdown, sleep, hibernate) and wakes the peripheral devices when the computer is turned on

Intelligent Energy Saving Spike Guard
why impulse

Technology is a work in progress – we have things getting invented on a daily basis, we have enhancements made to existing products and services, and we have new researches made with a promise have to harness the resources our mother nature has provided us. And, when our utilization exceeds the nature’s supply limits, we are forced to turn back. Now, think of a scenario when we use our intelligence to restrain ourselves from over-utilizing the nature - saving energy, afforestation, water harvesting - works like a cashback offer where we do things for the future but provide something back to the nature. In a poetic sense, Impulse is a dedication from ProdNXT to our nature; a homage to the efforts of our forefathers who worshipped nature. Impulse is the beginning of a series of innovations, which is aimed at preserving our environment and nature. Impulse is all about saving energy – power, an answer to the looming power crisis the nation is facing. Every single unit of power saved becomes important in the face of this crisis and ensures that the needy and the deserved gets a chance to use it.

Technically, Impulse works as just another Spike Guard – but an intelligent one – to which you can connect your devices that you use frequently along with the computer or a USB-enabled TV. It does for us what we tend to forget after we switch off our TV or keep the computer in a sleep mode – switches off the devices automatically, and thereby saving precious electrical energy and the freshness of the devices. This is something we should remind us to do ourselves, but let’s let technology do it for us, with the most genuine intent. In short, Impulse is what we call the future of power strips, or Spike Guard, with a global purpose than what you usually use it for

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